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The Pilgrimage: A Cinematic Presentation of Ecstatic Evidences from the Camino de Santiago

Summer 2017

There are several ways you can support The Pilgrimage. You could walk with us. If you've already walked the Camino, you could send us your stories, photos, video clips, or other documentation of your own trip(s).


We also need financial support to bring this project to fruition. Our total production budget is $15,000. This includes transportation, lodging, and meals for the four members of the Sawbuck film crew. To date, we have raised $4,500. This leaves us with an unmet need of $10,500.


Your donation to this endeavor is tax-deductible, as Sawbuck Productions is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Once you have made your donation in any amount, we will send you a letter for tax purposes.


In exchange for your donation, we will list your name in the credits of all film, media, and theatrical productions that result from our experiences on the Camino.


If you donate between $10 and $99, you will receive a specially curated album of photographs from the Camino.


For donations between $10 and $499, you will receive the photo album and a "making of" video for donors only.


If you donate $500 to $999, you will receive the photo album, the "making of" video, and VIP entry (plus one) to the theatrical and cinematic productions that flow from the project. See below for more information on the planned artistic works we will generate through our work on the Camino.


If you donate $1,000 or more, you will be named as Exective Producer on all media works that result from the project and, of course, receive a copy of the photo album, the "making of" video, and free VIP tickets to the theatrical and artistic productions.

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