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"Hitting Home: Safer Injection to Prevent Hepatitis B and C"


This 2006 film offers a tutorial for drug injectors and those who work to assist them in achieving "any positive change."  The film's objective is to provide viewers with real-life examples of practical, realistic techniques for reducing the risk of acquiring and/or transmitting hepatitis B/C during the drug injection process. The film breaks the drug injection process into stages, or steps.  For each step, we feature actual injections (heroin &/or crack cocaine) that demonstrate unsafe/high-risk technique followed by injections that show improved/lower risk technique. Ultimately this video is best used as a tool for drug injectors and harm reduction outreach workers to talk about and/or experiment with making the kinds of minor changes in drug injection technique that will yield large changes in personal and community health and wellbeing. The film also serves as a resource for health care providers who rarely, if ever, get to observe their drug injecting patients' self-medicating practices in situ.

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