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Sawbuck films offer short, gritty, chronicles of life "in the cut" ... depictions of the people, places, and things that society has ostracized, stigmatized, and otherwise marginalized. Our influences tend to be filmmakers who work, or used to work, in the cinema verite, observational cinema, and/or "direct cinema" genres (e.g., Maysles, Wiseman, Drew, etc.). Check out some of our work below.

These films can be purchased on DVD, which will deliver better sound and higher picture resolution than you see/hear on the web.  Below you'll see the films listed in the order presented above: Cracked Quarters, Begging for Grace, and The Brickyard. Each one costs $10 plus $5 for shipping and handling. We ship by ordinary U.S. postal service, which means you'll get the product within about 7 business days of placing your order. Please follow the instructions immediately below to purchase one or more of the films. All proceeds go right back into making more films. Sales revenue allows us to provide stipends to the people who appear in our films and radio pieces.

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