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Volunteers are Sawbuck's lifeblood. Unpaid interns working for course credit and volunteers working for the experience make Sawbuck's work come alive.  At any one time at least a dozen people can be found donating their energy and expertise to one or another Sawbuck project. Our volunteers come from universities, wealthy neighborhoods, disadvantaged communities, and various professions. A deep-seated desire to make films is the one thing that unites them.

Sawbuck volunteers (a.k.a. "Sawbuckians") perform a huge range of tasks: Camera operation, lighting, grip work, sound design, editing, music composition, interview transcription, equipment management, inventory tracking, public relations, fund-raising, and myriad other activities. 

If you want to volunteer for Sawbuck Productions, please contact the Executive Director, Greg Scott, at  We will find a place for you.


Sawbuckians need not live locally.  Our volunteers dwell in various states and could even be living in another country.  There's always a way to get work done, no matter where you live.

​​Here at Sawbuck we don't maintain any semblance of a regular work schedule.  Work hours tend to be erratic and schedules flexible.  If you've got a spare hour or two in the pre-dawn spell on a Sunday, we can find something substantial for you to work on.

One caveat: You must be 18 years or older to volunteer for Sawbuck.  If you're younger than 18, you'll need to do your volunteer work with a parent or legal guardian.

If you want to volunteer, contact us by email or fill out the form below. We'd love to hear from you!


Sawbuckians working 72 hours straight on Cracked Quarters.

Get in touch with us...​
Greg Scott
Sawbuck Productions, Inc.

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