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Support Our Work

You'll find many ways to become a Sawbuckian. As a non-profit organization, we depend upon the good will of concerned people like you. Making a monetary donation is just one way to join our community. Contributing to our discussion boards, sending us email messages, passing word of this site along to others, visiting and patronizing our associates whose websites appear as links ... these are all ways that you can help us keep doing what we do. Whatever you do to support the realization of Sawbuck's vision, we appreciate it.

Donations of Stuff

Sawbuck Productions' viability depends mostly on the contributions that our generous supporters make to us. Contributions take many forms: audio and video equipment, studio space, office supplies, and so on.

Because Sawbuck is a non-profit organization (501(c)3), your donation is tax deductible. Once we receive your donated items, we will place an estimated value on them and send you a letter thanking you for your contribution and providing you with out Tax ID Number. You can use this number to write-off the donation when you file your federal and state income taxes.

​Donations of Money

Here at Sawbuck we're also happy to accept financial donations. Monetary contributions go toward the production costs we incur, which includes stipend payments to the folks who appear in our films, location fees, etc. We also use the money to offset some of our limited overhead costs. One thing I can promise you: No on here brings home a paycheck. Chances are, the donation you make today will be spent on a Sawbuck project tomorrow ... or the next day, at the latest.

Contributing financially to Sawbuck is easy .... Send us a check or make a donation through PayPal.  If you don't like these options, we'll arrange something else. Just email us at One of us will make sure we help you with the process of transferring money to a Sawbuck project. 

Once we receive your monetary donation, we will send you a letter of gratitude that includes our Tax ID Number. This will allow you to "write off" your contribution at the end of the tax year.

P.S. No amount is laughably small. We've accepted donations ranging from loose change retrieved from the crack in the back seat of someone's 1970 Buick Skylark to a bag of mismatched, gently used (but clean) gym socks, to sums exceeding $10,000. So don't be shy. Giving is good.

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